How’s this for a paradox: the harder you try to get pregnant, the more of a struggle getting pregnant can become. Letting go of the idea of conceiving often encourages conception.

Visualizing your goals can attract you desired outcome

What gives?

Getting pregnant is not a “sure” thing, there’s no question about that.

Knowing that some chance is involved, can help you handle the stresses of not being totally in control of getting pregnant. No matter what people tell you (specialists, family members, etc) pregnancy is a result of many unknown factors aligning at exactly the right time — which is why we celebrate pregnancy!

Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant, by practicing a simple visualization exercise.

When you are trying to get pregnant you have to stay focused on the big picture (getting pregnant), while detaching yourself from the emotional ups-and-downs that you can experience each month that you are not “successful”. This means that you train yourself to not be emotionally devastated when you get your period. It also means that you continue improving your fertility, knowing that your work will eventually bring your rewards.

You can decide right now to change how you view your journey toward fertility, by detaching yourself from the monthly results, focusing instead on your larger work of improved fertility.

To do this, simply commit to letting go of your expected outcome of pregnancy each month. This does not mean that you are giving up, it just means that you are practicing some detachment from the anticipated outcome. Another way to say that is, you are practicing acceptance. You are putting your efforts toward improving your whole body health and accepting what comes your way. Then, visualize yourself being pregnant, conceiving easily and having a successful pregnancy in the near future.

This type of thinking starts your mind and body off in the direction of believing you can get pregnant. Because your body responds to thoughts and emotions, your physical body can adjust to the information your mind is sending out to it, which in turn begins to optimize your fertility.

Visualize a successful pregnancy at some point in the near future. That is your exercise. No matter how you feel about not getting pregnant, you can still visualize having a positive outcome in the near future. Try it for yourself.

Remember, fertility is an extension of your whole body’s health. If you balance your mind, body and spirit, your physical body will reflect those changes and your fertility levels will naturally improve. Keep the faith and do the work. Good things may be coming you way!