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Barb H., Stillwater, MN


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What a blessing to have all of this information in one book. My husband and I have been looking for helpful
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Beth Gregory, Atlanta, GA


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Helen Jensen, Milwaukee, WI


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“After my miscarriage I was having a difficult time getting pregnant. My husband and I were getting worried about whether
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You helped us so much that I just had to let you know how things turned out for us…”

Sally T., Brainerd, MN


“A Whole New Outlook on Getting Pregnant”

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“I live far out of town and we don’t have an acupuncturist near us, but my sister heard about your book and I bought it.
I’ve been doing the acupressure and other exercises from the book, and it’s helped me start ovulating again.
I am not pregnant yet, but I know your book will help me get there, because it has already helped me get
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Meg F., Boise, ID


No Big Words or Confusing Terms. That Was A Big Plus”


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“I didn’t want to try doing anything else to get pregnant — I was burned out! I almost didn’t follow your
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Allison W., Salmon, OR


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“Mind-Body Balancing Helped Me Conceive”

This was the information we had been missing! After two failed IUI attempts, I stared doing your relaxation
and breathing exercises and some of the visualization exercises. I was so much more relaxed and ready for
our third IUI–which was finally successful. We are so happy!  I know the mind-body exercise you recommended
helped me get my body ready to conceive.”

Jen Thorpe, Minneapolis, MN