By John Miley, L.Ac.

The popular website “” published an article on August 10, 2010 stating that stress “may” affect your chances of getting pregnant.

Frankly, I have been talking about the negative affects stress has on fertility for over 10 years now.

We know, for example, that animals in captivity have a difficult time reproducing. Why? Because they are under constant stress due to living in an unnatural environment. And guess what? We are creating increasingly more unnatural environments for ourselves, and we don’t even realize it’s happening.

In fact, we think it is normal to have lights on around us (street lights, alarm clocks, etc.) 24 hours per day. We don’t notice the moon cycles, and we are out of touch with the seasonal cycles, too. On top of it, we run at top speed from sun up to sun down, and when we unwind, we take a few minutes to surf the web and check email.

Very unnatural.

The result? Stress. Constant stress.

If you do not break the stress cycle, and that means learn to control everyday stresses, then I can almost guarantee your fertility levels will be well below their maximum levels.

It’s not easy to balance your stresses and learn how to let them go at will. That is why I spend so much time talking about ways to relax, balance your body and learn to control your daily stress levels (through a technique called “anchoring”, for example) throughout the Whole Body Fertility book. Learning to get stress under wraps is so important that I have a chapter in Whole Body Fertility called “Stress: The Silent Fertility Killer”

You need to take this research posted on Web MD’s site seriously, even though it is not “new” information.

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