Low Glycemic Index (GI) foods are a good place to
start when trying to manage PCOS, and here’s why:

Diet can absolutely have a positive
affect on PCOS. One of the best recommendations I
have it to limit any food that raises blood sugar
quickly. This includes refined sugars, flours,
grains…this is true b.c. increased blood sugar
contributes to insulin resistance and insulin
uptake–both factors in PCOS.

Foods that spike blood sugar often lead to
weight gain and an increased Body Mass Index.
Test your Body Mass Index using
a free body mass index (BMI) calculator.

The Diet:
Start out on a PCOS friendly diet, try
eliminating any white foods (potatoes, breads,
flour, sugar) and turn toward complex
carbohydrates (fruits, veggies) proteins and
omega-3 high fats (such as salmon and grass-fed
animal products) if you consume meat. You can also
buy omega-3 rich eggs.

Otherwise, you can add certain sugar-regulating
herbs into your diet (cinnamon, gymnema
sylvestrae, bitter melon, etc.) into you diet.

Keep in mind PCOS is a potential harbinger of
future health problems, such as elevated
cholesterol, fatty acid imbalanced, thyroid
problems, diabetes and other issues that are good
to nip in the bud now.

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