I get a lot of questions from couples who want to get pregnant fast. 

In fact, they wanted to be pregnant months ago, so now everything feels rushed and hurried. They want to know what more they could be doing to improve their changes of conceiving quickly. What else could they try? What supplements should they take? What more, more, more should they be doing??

Frankly, if you are asking yourself a similar question, I would advise you to sit down and “chillax” for a minute. Put your feet up and listen to this.

There’s and ancient Chinese proverb that states: “Slow down, slow down, we are in a hurry.” The more you try to rush when you feel hurried, the worse things often get. You rush out of your house, forget your keys, and lock the door behind you — all because you were in a hurry to get someplace on time, because you thought you were late.

It’s the same concept with conceiving. Your body does not like to be rushed, and when you start rushing, start hurrying and start piling on thoughts of “what more can I do to hurry up and get pregnant”, your body interprets these messages as s-t-r-e-s-s. Stress.

Stress is not what you want a lot of in your life when you are trying to improve your fertility. In fact, stress has a way of sending the absolute wrong signals to your body, that suppress, instead of encourage, your optimal fertility levels.

My recommendation to you, if you are truly interested in getting pregnant fast…would be to slow down. Slow down the pace of your life, if it is hectic. Slow down the racing thoughts you have in your mind, if you are distracted and worried about not conceiving (or anything else for that matter). Slow down and enjoy time with your partner as you try conceive. This is a time of contemplation and focus on bringing a new life into the world — and that is a big responsibility.

Remember, getting pregnant is not a check to mark on your list of things to do. It is a process of slowing down, opening up to new possibilities and slowing down long enough for your body and mind to balance and get synchronized in your effort to get pregnant naturally.