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This is a case study about a women whom I will
call Stacy, who had endometriosis — and how “optimizing” her body
helped her control her endometriosis, and ultimately helped
her get pregnant.

Endometriosis Defined

Endometriosis, in case you are not familiar with the term,
is a condition where the endometrial lining of uterine
cavity grows out beyond the uterus and most often into the

This also means endometrial tissue can grow around the
ovaries, and can even wrap around neighboring organs and
tissues, including the urinary bladder and intestines.

The result of this aggressive endometrial growth often
presents as unusually painful periods, heavy menstrual
bleeding, pelvic pain, clots, cramps, pelvic pain and quite
often, reduced fertility.

Endometriosis and Energetic Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), endometriosis has its
roots in a condition referred to as “stagnation”.

When tissues in the body proliferate and grow into areas
that they are not normally meant to be, then we know that
something is blocking their normal path of growth.

When you have any type of stagnation, you will have pain.

This type of endometrial blockage can result from energetic causes
(often anger and frustration), physical trauma or scar tissue, and may
also present with other symptoms such as migraine headaches,
cold hands and feet, and a tendency to be short-fused with
your temper.

In Stacy’s case, her endometriosis became more severe the
longer she tried to get pregnant, without result.

The more she tried to get pregnant (and “failed” in her mind), the more
frustrated she became. The more frustrated she became, the
more “blocked” she became along the energy channel in the
body that responds to anger and frustration.

The more blocked this channel became (which is along the
Liver channel of energy), the more her endometriosis grew.

To correct her imbalance, we started out with the “whole
body” approach to her fertility issues.

Stacy did a Liver Cleanse and began altering her diet. She
avoided foods and substances that mimic estrogen (including
red clover, black cohosh and some of the other “popular
herbs). She also switched to pesticide free products.

Stacy followed the hot oil pack protocol from the Whole Body
[WBF] book–which is a great way to increase circulation
to the reproductive organs, while breaking down old scar
tissue (left over from endometrial scarring).

Hint: for this simple hot oil pack, you have to use a
specific type of oil that is not only inexpensive, but has
great external healing properties. That’s on page 81 of the

Stacy also did acupressure at home and followed other
relaxation and dietary suggestions covered in the book.

Did she follow everything in the book to the letter? No. And
that’s okay. It’s not about being “perfect”, it is about
taking action.

The result?

Stacy did her routine for about six months, pretty
religiously. She took the “Fertility Archetype” intake that
comes with the WBF book, and knew more about what she needed
to do for her “type” to bring about more balance.

She followed the routine and reported back to me after month
six. Her periods were better, not as painful, less bleeding,
regular cycles, and regular ovuation.

Her doctor examined her and found “slight” endometriosis
remaining. On a scale of 1-4 (four being the worst), her
endometriosis was about a 1 after six months, and was a high
3 when she started.

Fast forward another four or five months and Stacy was
pregnant, and it happened without really trying.


How did Stacy get pregnant without trying?

Well, when she was “trying” to get pregnant before starting the
WBF program, Stacy was really just worrying a lot about not
getting pregnant.

She was “trying” in all the wrong ways…and that is very
typical when it comes to getting pregnant. We tend to
confuse “busy-ness” with being pro-active and often, that
just backfires.

Once Stacy got a handle on where she needed to work and what
she needed to do to improve her personal fertility patterns,
the rest fell into place.

And that is the power of selective effort. You don’t put all
your energies into trying to get pregnant–because what does
that mean anyway, really?

Instead, you put all your efforts into a few select areas
that will make a difference for you.

Find out where your imbalances are and make a few small
corrections. You’ll be astounded at the results.

-John Miley, L.Ac.

P.S. If you like reading about case studies, there are
plenty of them inside the Whole Body Fertility eBook.
There is also a Health Assessment in the book that helps
you trouble shoot your blockages and energetic stagnation.

If you don’t have the book, you can get it here.