Let’s take a new look at getting pregnant, shall we?

You’ve been told your whole life that working
hard, focusing and taking charge gets you
toward your goals. In fact, society rewards
us for such ambitious behaviors.

When it comes to getting pregnant that
approach just doesn’t hold up. Here’s why.

If you are trying to conceive, and it’s not
happening like you thought, your first
reaction is often to find out what is “wrong”
and solve it.

This means you see medical specialists, read
books, go to support groups, try every
technique available, because it lines up with
your training to “work” your way out of

If you can’t solve something, push harder and
you will. That’s the message playing in your

What happens with this, and why it is so
problematic when approaching pregnancy is,
you are pushing hard to solve a “problem”
that may not really exist.

In order to solve a problem, the problem has
to exist, right? So what’s your problem when
you are not getting pregnant?

The problem is “you are not getting
pregnant”. But is that the problem, or is
that just the manifestation of the problem?

How do you really fix “not getting pregnant”?
Especially when there’s unexplained
infertility, or no particular reason why you
“can’t” get pregnant?

Then what?

So, you are now beginning to see that
solving problems is not going to work

here–because you can’t define the
problem…you can only describe the result of
some factors that are leading to your
difficulty in getting pregnant.

It’s not like there’s some magic ingredient
you can just add to you life and you’ll have
an instant pregnancy. It doesn’t work that
way. Not like adding oil to your car solves
the problem of no motor oil in the engine.

No, it’s not that simple. But your
conditioning tells you it should be that

Are you still with me? Hang in there…this
will make sense.

What I advise people to do, is to step away
from viewing fertility issues as a problem.
Just walk away from that. Instead, start out
with the idea that your body knows how to get
pregnant and that your job is to support your
body’s natural ability to achieve pregnancy.

You don’t have to “solve” anything. In fact,
you can’t solve this analytically — this is
something you will have to let your body do
on its own.

You can, however, focus your energy on
learning what you need to do to support your
body, optimize its health and balance
yourself mentally, emotionally, and

You just need to start supporting the areas
in your life that will lead to mental,
emotional and physical balance. Then your
body will stand a better chance of resolving
your fertility issues, which is different
than you trying to solve them.

Once you know how to put your energy and
focus into specific areas of your life that
can greatly improve your chances of getting
pregnant, then that is where you spend your
time and energy.

By knowing what mind, body and spiritual
exercises you can use to get your body to its
peak fertility, then that is what you need to

Do that, and your body will take care of the

You do not, however, need to “solve”

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