It Starts Out Innocently Enough…

You think it’ll be easy to get pregnant, and then you hit a roadblock.

Maybe you’re like my friend, Michelle?

She thought it’d be easy to get pregnant once she decided she was ready–she didn’t expect to have a hard time conceiving.

In fact, she’d spend a lot of time trying “not” to get pregnant up until now, and was finally ready to have a family. She never thought she’d have a tough time getting pregnant, but did once she started trying.

When she wasn’t getting pregnant–month after month–she started getting worried.

She didn’t know what to do, or where to turn, and yet the stress kept rising like the tide, and she was swimming in anxiety.


… Then the Stress of Not Getting Pregnant Creeps In

Helpful Tip: Assume your stress levels are higher than you think if you are not getting pregnant as fast as you want

Not getting pregnant as fast as you want? Stress goes up

When she wasn’t getting pregnant as quickly as planned, my friend Michelle’s stress levels started creeping up.

And up.

And up.

She felt depressed, isolated, lonely and afraid.

She didn’t even feel happy for her pregnant friends, and that made her feel bad, too.

She wasn’t sleeping, she was “stress-eating” junk food…and her life was slowly spinning out of control.

Maybe you can relate?



Then the Visits to Fertility Doctors Start…

Why Western medicine may not have your fertility solution.

Why Western medicine may be missing the mark on your fertility

Not knowing what else to do, Michelle turned to her doctor for answers.

Michelle knew her own health history–she had regular periods, a predictable cycle, and thought she ovulated…she wasn’t totally sure.

So her doctor wanted to run tests. Check her hormones, do some blood work–which all came back showing “no problems”.

She was given a diagnosis of “Unexplained Infertility” and told to keep trying on her own, or to consider these two options:

  1. Take fertility drugs (like Clomid)
  2. Start medical procedures (like IUI or IVF)

Then Your Stress Levels Go Through the Roof

If "trying to get pregnant" has you feeling like need to change your approach right away!

If “trying to get pregnant” has you feeling like this…you need to change your approach right away!

Eventually, nearly every woman trying to get pregnant will come down to the same two options Michelle was offered:

1. Expensive fertility medicines–like Clomid, Lupron and others…or…

2. Expensive procedures such as IUI, IVF and procedures that can run into the $10,000+ range



This is a huge “roadblock” for many women, because they are given only two options–and both get expensive quickly.

Unfortunately, for all the good things Western Medicine can do with technology and drugs, it doesn’t offer you a way to participate in your fertility–and that is what I want to talk to you about.


You Feel Helpless, Hopeless and Frustrated

All of this, the entire process, is really tiring. You can quickly start to feel alone, isolated and hopeless.

Your doctor’s advice kind of leaves “you” out of the picture.

You are not given anything that you can do, to improve your fertility, other than to turn your body over to prescription medications and procedures.

But what can you do if you’re not ready for all of that?

What about finding another path to try, first–one that is natural, non-invasive and shows you the exact steps to take at home?


This “Missing Fertility Link” Could Turn Your Life Around

The Missing Link in Fertility Education

This piece of the puzzle can really take your ability to get pregnant to a new level

Nothing against doctors, Western Medicine, or advice from fertility experts, but there’s one thing they always miss–something that  I call the missing link.

Without this link, you become an object to be “worked on”.

Things are done to you (tests, procedures, medications) by them, without you having much of an  idea of what’s going on.

It’s a helpless feeling.

You are told to sit by and let them tinker with your hormones, run tests, tell you how good or bad things look.

Frankly, you are at their mercy.

The problem with this approach?

You become an observer, not a participant, in your own Fertility Journey–and that’s a mistake.

That’s part of the missing link…with complete details explained in the Whole Body Fertility book.



You Need to Actively Participate In Your Fertility

In order to get pregnant, you need to feel empowered, and know that you have some say in what goes on with your body, and with your journey…that is very important.

Your fertility teeters back and forth between being high (when you are rested, well-nourished, unstressed) and low (when you stressed, tired, dieting, over-working).

The Whole Body Fertility approach is to teach you how to “win” in the fertility game, but doing the right things to promote your best and highest fertility levels.

You’ll see many easy-to-follow steps, in-depth in the Whole Body Fertility book–but I can give you a quick example right now, to illustrate a point.


And Then You Wake Up…And Get Empowered

Once you realize you’ve been misled about your ability to get pregnant, or at least told that it’s beyond your grasp, you start to regain your power.

Slowly and surely, step-by-step, you can awaken your body’s natural fertility levels, and restore your fertility to healthy levels.

While you may enlist the help of your doctor or fertility expert at some point–down the road–there are steps you can take now, to boost your ability to conceive.

Steps you can do, that will help you improve your fertility levels, before anyone tests, probes or injects you.

This is what Whole Body Fertility will do for you–help you create a fertility boosting blueprint that tips the scales of getting pregnant in your favor.



You Begin to See Your Fertility as an Extension of Your Whole Mind-Body Health

Fertility calls upon physical, emotional and spiritual parts of your being. Getting pregnant involves your entire body–not just your uterus and ovaries.

Baking a cake is not just about  the cake mix–it’s also about the oven temperature, the baking time, and other factors.

In the same way, you need to balance your “Mind-Body-Spirit” to have a healthy pregnancy.

That is what Whole Body Fertility shows you how to do–balance your mind-body-spirit, to improve your fertility from the inside, out.

Here are a few of the things you’ll discover inside your Whole Body Fertility book:

  • Learn to manage high stress levels that reduce fertility…page 29
  • Sleep in the right kind of environment to produce fertility hormones…page 48
  • Get the right types of fats in your diet to promote fertility…page 61
  • Simple exercise you can do to in under 10 minutes per day, to increase circulation to your uterus and ovaries–page 27
  • Pressure points massage to support the release of pregnancy hormones–page 24
  • Chemicals to avoid, since they threaten your fertility–page 36


What is Whole Body Fertility?

Whole Body Fertility looks at your fertility as being directly related to your overall health.

It’s an approach based on my 12 +years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine–an ancient system of medical wisdom that has helped millions of women conceive over thousands of years.

You’ll learn powerful steps kike these, to help you  immediately boost fertility:

  • Breathing exercises to calm the mind and body–because fertility works best when stress is low
  • Acupressure points to circulate energies that support pregnancy–so simple you can do this anywhere
  • Food and drink temperatures–avoid the mistake most people are making here
  • What type of alarm clock you should get rid of, if you want to ovulate on time
  • Simple relaxation exercises that bring blood into reproductive organs and support a healthy uterine lining
  • And much, much more!


It’s So Simple…You’ve Never Heard of It

Sometimes "complex" ideas look smart, but are not as elegant as simple ideas.

Often “complex” ideas look smart, but are not as elegant as simple ideas.

And while this might sound like a simple concept, it is almost never talked about in Western Medicine–and is something your doctor might chuckle at.

Whole Body Fertility is different from what “experts” tell you, because this program is designed to be done without the need of an expert.

You can do everything in the book, entirely on your own. It’s a simple system that covers the following:



  • Whole Body Fertility is a blueprint you can use to unlock your body’s natural fertility
  • This approach believes  your body knows how to get pregnant–and you can unlock this natural instinct quickly, at home
  • You will learn that you are not a “broken” system…and that it’s not your fault that you are struggling to get pregnant
  • You’ll get specific steps to follow to help you balance your mind-body health, and improve your overall fertility
  • You’ll learn to “bake your own cake” without having to lean on “experts” every step of the way



Are You Ready to Start Improving Your Fertility Today?

The good news is, you are not alone in your struggles. Many people have gone through what you are going through, and have come out the other side, victorious.

You can improve your fertility, but you likely haven’t been told how to do that.

When you know what parts of the puzzle are missing, and someone hands you the missing pieces, you can easily put things together to see the “big picture” clearly.

That is what you need to do–break down the complex issue of fertility into manageable, bite-sized pieces you can work with.

Step-by-step, you’ll see improvements in your health that will tell you your body is gaining its natural fertility instincts back again. You’ll soon be on the road to improved fertility, with a much better mind-body balance to show for it.


How You Can Get the Whole Body Fertility e-Book Download Right Now

Getting the Whole Body Fertility e-Book has never been easier…or faster.

You can download the book right now, and have it in your email inbox in just minutes.

You can order 24 hours per day, 7 days a week–around the clock–no matter what time of day or night it is.

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You have a complete money-back, lifetime guarantee on your purchase. If you don’t like the book, you can get every penny back–no questions asked.

In other words: I want you to love the book, get great information from it and value it. If you aren’t happy, I’ll give you all your money back…just like that.


Benefits You’ll Notice From Following the Whole Body Fertility Workbook:

  • Balanced mental, emotional and spiritual health (mind-body balancing)
  • Opening energy blockages that have been holding you back physically and emotionally
  • Measurable fertility improvements that maximize your chances of conception
  • You will enjoy a natural, relaxed state that promotes getting pregnant with less stress and struggle
  • Breathing, visualization and acupressure routines that will help you and your partner remain calmer and happier
  • A clear personal fertility plan that will deliver peak fertility within the next 90 days

Get your copy of Whole Body Fertility…read it and apply it. You will discover tips to boost your fertility, or you can get a 100% refund for a full year. Try it now. There’s no risk involved.

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